Enterprise-ready labeling platform for data types of all sorts
Producing highly valuable datasets we help you create real-world machine learning models at scale while meeting security and privacy requirements.

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— Built on top of Heartex’s open-source battle-tested data labeling solution, Heartex Enterprise enables customers to scale labeling needs.

— With Heartex Enterprise, customers can produce higher quality labeled datasets, and identify potential data inconsistencies while being sure that resulting labels never leak.

— Stop wasting time on managing internal solutions and scale with Heartex Enterprise.

Privacy First Deployment Options

— Private Cloud

Zero-footprint, instantly-available and infinitely scalable cloud-native solution, designed for frictionless adoption and privacy

— On-premises

Enterprise-grade privacy, security, governance, and control, architected for performance and scale

Workforce Management

Organize your team members and annotators into working teams, quickly onboard new users, and monitor the performance of your annotators. Role-Based Access Control and Workspaces allow users to assign administrative privileges and easily grant or limit access privileges to individual users and consumers, entire teams, partner organizations, and environments across the Heartex platform.

Single Sign-On and Audit Logs

Control and monitor access to the information and actions performed on the platform. The detailed audit log of all activity is accessible inside your organization account.

Single Sign-On (SSO) enables management of  your team’s users outside of our built-in user table. SSO centralizes the database of users into a single service that controls authorization to all accounts and applications. Heartex works with SAML2.0 and multiple identity providers.

Role-Based Access Control

Role-based Access Controls make it easy to grant and restrict access to Heartex users. By defining specific roles, Heartex customers can define how a given individual or group of individuals can interact with Heartex and the services exposed through the Heartex platform. RBAC can restrict what users can change or view within Heartex Projects. Special Collaborator roles provide a streamlined labeling view, without any distractions.

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