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Labeling Interface

Based on XML like config you can create your own interface in about 10-15 lines. Heartex supports a wide variety of annotation schemes for text, audio, images, and HTML documents

  • Text classification
  • Named entity recognition
  • Dialog analysis
  • Bounding boxes for images
  • Polygons for images
  • Audio regions

Data Manager

You spend a lot of time crafting your dataset. We get you the powerful tool to better explore your items. Find outliers and biases, edit and update previous results.

  • Explore annotations
  • Check out predictions
  • Find outliers

Machine Learning

You get pre-trained models that are used to optimize the labeling process. We support different model types, each one particularly connected to labeling tasks.

  • Pre-annotations
  • Active Learning
  • Cluster Annotation
  • SDK to connect your model

Teams and Collaborators

Invited collaborators get minimal UI. You can set instructions, monitor and analyze the agreement between collaborators.

  • Invite collaborators
  • Monitor the progress
  • Manage quality

Metrics & Statistics

Compelling statistics to help you better understand your datasets and adjust the labeling process

  • Annotations distributions
  • Model performance
  • Collaborators agreement

An All-in-one solution – packed with powerful features

Unlimited Projects

We have support for unlimited projects on any plan. You can run as much in parallel as you want.

Download annotations

JSON file with all the labels information. Including model predictions.

HotKeys Support

HotKeys helps to the labeling quicker. Our interface is tuned for maximum performance.

Models Integration

Connect your own models to use for pre-labeling and verify it's predictions.


Don't spend extra time on configuring the project, use one of multiple template that we offer.


Easily integrate Heartex into your pipeline using our API.

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