Conversational Intelligence and Analytics
— Find context related patterns in dialogues
— Transcribe speech and convert it into data
— Analyze conversations for insights



Automatically verified the labeling process. We make sure you get only the high-quality labels.


Labeling big datasets can become tedious and expensive. Heartex technology helps you label similar data samples automatically.


Configure for different use-cases and different data types. It takes 10 minutes to set up and run.

Make sense of how users are interacting with your chatbots or other conversational based interfaces

Unlimited Projects

We have support for unlimited projects on any plan. You can run as much in parallel as you want.

Download annotations

JSON file with all the labels information. Including model predictions.

HotKeys Support

HotKeys helps to the labeling quicker. Our interface is tuned for maximum performance.

Models Integration

Connect your own models to use for pre-labeling and verify it's predictions.


Don't spend extra time on configuring the project, use one of multiple template that we offer.


Easily integrate Heartex into your pipeline using our API.

Start annotating your data
You're building something great, let us help you do it faster and remove the boring parts
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